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Daytime Beach Make-up


     Summer is all about being a minimalist when it comes to make-up.  Save the smokey eye for the colder weather because chances are, you’ll end up sweating off your hard work anyways before you even leave the house.

     As much as everyone would love to go to the beach completely au naturel, most of us don’t want to.  So here is a way to cover up all the imperfections while still looking like you’re not wearing anything.

    The key to summertime make-up is WATERPROOF.  Waterproof tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, and mascara is really all you need.  Skip your normal foundation and use the tinted moisturizer instead.  A lot of them have SPF already in them so that will provide your face with coverage, as well as protection from the sun.  Use the concealer to coverup dark under-eye circles and blemishes, then apply a bronzing powder to where the sun naturally hits your face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin). Finally, curl your lashes and then apply one coat of the waterproof mascara. 

     This look only takes 5 minutes and it will look like you rolled out of bed this way!

I LOVE Urban Outfitters Nail Polish


      So I haven’t had the best of luck with nail polish over the years and I have tried several brands, from NYC to Sally Hansen and Avon.  A lot of them take a super long time to dry which does not work well with my impatience, or they are very “thin,” making it pretty easy to mess up.  The best nail polish I have found thus far actually does not come from a drug store at all, but Urban Outfitters, a clothing store in my local mall.  The nail polish is more “thick,” basically meaning that even just one coat gives you a pretty solid color.  I like to do two coats anyway, and then a top coat just so it looks as professional and neat as possible.  This polish is very easy to apply though, and the thickness keeps all that smudging and imperfection to a minimum.

     The ones that I own, shown in the picture above are (from left to right) “Blue 1,” “Purple 7,” and “Green 11.”  The one shown on my nails below is Blue 1.  They have several more colors in the store from yellows and oranges to reds and pinks.  However, on their website,, these particular polishes are not shown.  So if you are lucky enough to have a store near by, I highly reccommend them!

     They are 1 for $5, or 2 for $8.